Take A Look At What Your Colleagues Are Saying About Epic Practice:

“Patient visits and collections up by 40%!’”
Dr. Kelly Hinrichs- Omaha, NE
“A dream come true! Finally a coaching program that delivers.It’s “correction” from the inside – out. No scripts or cookie cutter procedures. I love that I can learn to communicate more effectively and grow in all aspects of business and life without the sleezy gimmicks.”
Dr. Stacie Flanery- Carrolton, TX
“Epic Practice has had an enormous impact on the quality of my practice and personal life…less stress, more excitement and a greater ability to serve. Just when you think you have heard the best ideas to implement, the modules keep getting better.
Dr. Mark Peverett- Calgary, AB
“My skills as a communicator, leader, boss, and chiropractor have improved tremendously! One great thing about it is I can grow at my own pace to keep the balance in my own personal life. Huge value for a small monthly fee!!”
Dr. Jerod Hill- Branson, MO
I have seen a 27% increase in collections and 22% in patient visits. Dr. David delivers in a way that is different from other Coaches. He is real about things. He encourages you to customize the material and make it your own.”
Dr. Michael Tebbe- Los Angeles, CA
“If you want to have an EPIC life you first must BE epic, DO epic things, and you will HAVE an epic life. This program is the process that has changed me and will change the way you see others and yourself.
Dr. Justin Hammon- Idaho Falls, ID
“Every month, for 14 months now, I go through a module and am certain that “yes, this is the best one yet”… but only until I go through the next module! Module 1 is where it all begins… My life has not been the same, I now have Purpose, I now have Passion, I now know my “What’s at Stake”
Dr. Helen Cox- Lethbridge, CA
“In the past year + in being with Epic practice and participating in the community I have seen change and benefits that words alone cannot describe. Numbers, income, staff participation and empowerment, personal empowerment, patient compliance, better communication, stronger sense of purpose, more congruent motives and manifestations.”
Dr. Genie Markwell- Seattle, WA
“Epic Practice is mind-blowing. I am from Quebec, Canada and for the first time in years I can say what I am learning is applicable here. I am on module 12 and I am still amazed how much Dr Jackson keeps his promises and even over delivers.
Dr. Jasmin Pitre- Montreal, QB
Epic practice and Coach Jackson have changed my life, period.
Dr. Jeff May- Jordan, MN
“Nothing short of phenomenal. I have never been coached by anyone longer than Dr. David. His straight up ‘tell it like it is’ attitude with no fluff is a great fit for me. He is real, authentic and genuine all around. My life and my practice have grown in many ways since. We are celebrating our biggest year ever and I have much to thank to Dr. David and his crew.
Dr. Derek Strachan, Seattle, WA
Epic Practice is nothing short of incredible. Incredible content…incredible value…incredible feeling of connection.”
Dr. Brett Blackmore- Glasgow, Scotland
“I have never been a consulting type or coach seeker, quite honestly, I think ‘consultant’ is a big problem in our profession. You are different. Thank God! I just broke 200 pv this week for the first time in years!I wanted you to know that you played a direct part in setting me up to succeed. What you do works. Please keep it up!
Dr. Bruce Stevens- Lompoc, CA
“My journey with Dr. Jackson and EPIC practice has been nothing short of amazing! The only word I can think of to explain my practice growth since joining epic is … EXPLOSION! My PV/week has nearly doubled, as well as my collections, and this next month is on point for even crazier numbers.
Dr. Jake Grinaker- Fargo, ND
Epic Practice is the ultimate training and support system for wherever you want to go in practice(and life!) Epic practice has all the tools to help you improve yourself and practice.”
Dr. Brycen Hudock- Charlottesvill, VA
“The team at Epic is amazing! Joining this group of people was the greatest thing that I ever did for myself and for my practice!
Dr. Janice Bailey- Birmingham, AL


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